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NYC LL97 Educational Webinars

Last Chance to Comply Is Approaching! Learn Why:

NYC LL97: Climate Mobilization Act

New York City’s Local Law 97 is a subset of the Climate Mobilization act. LL97 is a green energy policy that mandates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for buildings over 25,000 sq.ft.

  • 1st Deadline: 2024 (+ additional 40% reduction required by 2030)
  • Penalties: $268 per metric ton over the limit

Not in compliance with Local Law 97?  Time is running out to avoid substantial penalties.

Here’s why:
  • 2022 = Plan & Implement Energy Upgrades
  • 2023 = Plan & Implement Energy Upgrades (Last chance to make upgrades)
  • 2024 = 1 full year of proven energy reduction
  • 2025 = Will determine if you are in compliance based on 2024 Benchmark Report
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Sample LL97 Analysis