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Sign up for VertPro® and in 30 minutes or less our Energy Star Portfolio benchmark compliance technology platform report will help your buildings meet nationwide energy efficiency ordinance requirements. Use your report to help you comply with AB 802, EBEWE, LL84, CB 116731, ECAD, Ordinance 7068, San Jose BPO, and more.*

Save time and money by tracking and improving building efficiency. Our portfolio manager tools can help you obtain multiple, pre-screened bids for energy projects (such as HomeAdvisor for CRE), search for utility rebates, or access professional help to meet your portfolio’s unique needs.
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*The VertPro® energy benchmarking technology platform can help building portfolio owners and managers with local and national energy ordinance, laws, and compliance requirements. In the western United States VertPro®assists with the San Jose Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance (BPO), the Los Angeles Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Ordinance, the Reno Energy and Water Efficiency Program (Ordinance 7068), California’s Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802), San Diego’s Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, and the Salt Lake City Elevate Buildings requirement. In addition, we also can help with Portland’s Energy and Water Use Performance Benchmarking Ordinance, Seattle’s Council Bill 116731 (CB 116731), the Portland Energy Performance Reporting Policy, the Washington Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008, the San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance, the Austin Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance, the Denver Commercial and Multifamily Building Benchmarking requirement, Boulder’s Building Performance Ordinance, and Berkeley’s Building Energy Saving Ordinance.

n the eastern and mid-western United States the technology platform covers the following requirements; the Saint Louis Building Energy Awareness Bill, New York City’s Local Law 84, the Boston Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance, the Chicago Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance, the Montgomery County Building Energy Benchmarking Law, the Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance, and the Atlanta Commercial Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance. VertPro® can also help owners and managers with the Orlando Building Energy & Water Efficiency Strategy (Ordinance 2016-64), Minneapolis’ Commercial Building Rating and Disclosure Ordinance, Evanston’s Building Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance, the Cambridge Building Energy Use Disclosure Ordinance, the Kansas City Energy Empowerment Ordinance, and Pittsburgh’s Building Benchmarking Ordinance. For more information about ordinances and laws not mentioned, please contact us at 800-585-2690.